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What would it mean to you to have a committed and fulfilling relationship that heals, transforms, and enhances your life with untold love and joy?

Transformative Dating: Tuned In and Turned On

We all want to be loved, and in fact, as humans we are all designed to attach to others and form lasting bonds. But when we discover that we’ve chosen the wrong person to attach to as our romantic partner or perhaps they’ve unchosen us, where do we turn? After some time, we might pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off and get back in the dating world! However, oftentimes, we end up with the same results over and over and we get discouraged, frustrated, and hopeless. This inspiring, educational and empowering presentation will offer you three new mindset shifts toward creating a new template from which to approach dating with amazingly different results!


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What if the journey has just as much to offer as the destination?

How to deepen relationships without compromising your true self

When it comes to picking the person that will matter most to you, we haven’t evolved much. Are you attracted to me and am I attracted to you? Baseline. 

They will feel much more confident and hopeful that they can not only choose their ideal partner but also use the dating experience as a means of personal transformation, healing and enrichment!

A Significant Relationship

It is an exclusive, committed, evolving, intimate, living entity co-created between two people.

Recognizing and rewriting patterns that no longer serve you

We haven’t spoken much differently about dating in the last 30-50 years! Think about that! Look at how differently we speak about food and nutrition in the last 30 years alone! Who knew about a protein-carb balance or gluten and dairy intolerances 30 years ago? Who had even heard of GMO? Or the role sugar plays in what we crave? Kinda like- I am hungry, time to go to a drive through! Maybe we add things like “Are you educated? Do we come from similar backgrounds? Have anything in common?” Like adding some lettuce and tomato to our burrito at the drive through window to say we had some veggies with our meal. And BLAM! We’re in! That’s basically like going through the drive through at Taco Bell making the transaction at the window and driving off! And then, as we all know with dating relationships, just like the burrito, you feel good for a few minutes, satisfied, complete, and then with a little time, you notice your pants don’t fit quite right anymore, your stomach bloats and you begin to regret your earlier decision! This keynote evolves our understanding of how to date from a much more conscious and empowered perspective!