An empowered approach to choosing an ideal partner.

What would it mean to you to have a committed and fulfilling relationship that heals, transforms, and enhances your life with untold love and joy?

What is LipSync Dating?

The DYNAMIC DATING program, LipSync, is NOT for:

People interested in “playing the field” or laissez-faire dating

People who believe there is only ONE pre-destined soul mate or “twin flame” for each individual
People who believe that if it’s meant to be, it will happen effortlessly / Love at first sight
Hookup Culture
People interested in open, poly or consensual non-monogamous relationships
People who believe that dating should ONLY bring intensity, fun & excitement

The DYNAMIC DATING program, LipSync, IS for:

People who are interested in steady, secure, sensual, badass intimacy development
People who believe that learning more about how to love oneself and others is a viable enough reason to date
People who are willing to use the dating process as personal transformation, growth & enrichment
People who are interested in a committed, exclusive, hot, monogamous relationship
People who believe that relationships can heal, transform and enrich our lives

What is the LipSync Dating Program?

The LipSync Dating Program is a self-paced, evergreen, online program that includes two live, open group video calls a week with Cindy where she answers questions and you get to benefit from a community of fellow daters! You get to choose the module or modules that are most relevant to where you are on your dating journey. See below for more details.

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LipSync Online Dating Program

MODULE 1: Create Your Ideal Partner Blueprint

We often think we're clear on what we want in a partner, but we're often more clear about what we DON'T want and then we stop there. If we take a trip North and know we don't want a flat tire or to run out of gas, that is not enough to make it a successful journey.

This module helps develop and define your specific hopes and dreams so when you get there you can finally know when you've arrived rather than hoping you're close! No one wants to be the person the other person "settled" for and we don't want to "settle" ourselves. No one wins if we settle out of scarcity or fear that our dreams are too big. There is no PERFECT person. It's not even on the map. But there are IDEAL partners. Use this model to get super clear on what that means to you.

MODULE 2: Assessment and Clarification of Your Personal Values, Interests & Desires

Often in our childhoods, we simply subscribe to the values, interests, and desires of those around us in order to cope and sometimes, merely survive. Or what we thought we valued, desired, and had an interest in has shifted and evolved, and getting clear on that as we venture out into the dating world sets us up to find our ideal partner.

For example, why twist ourselves into pretzels to say we love to ski when we would rather read a book by the fire or admit that having the TV always on does bother us and that in fact, sometimes silence or music would be your preference? Or vice versa? To let someone love the real you, requires that you are clear on what lights you up, and turns you on about life.

MODULE 3: Claim and Celebrate Your Own Value & Worth

Once you get clear about your personal values, interests, and desires at whatever stage you are in your life right now (these are always shifting, changing, and evolving if we're investing in life at all), then it's important not to back down from them, but rather claim them and celebrate them.

This is a true shift in most people as they date when they realize that who they are is "good enough" and that not everyone is going to be attracted to you, but it only takes one to be attracted to the authentic you, rather than some facsimile of who you think other people want you to be. How exhausting to have to continue pretending to be this person they said they fell in love with when you know deep down it isn't your authentic self. This module helps you lean into the truest part of you and gain the confidence necessary to celebrate your own value and worth before you look for someone outside of you to do it for you!

MODULE 4: Cultivate the Art of Effective Communication & Productive Conflict

Our relationships won't flourish if we don't express our true selves which include our disappointments, pain, and even anger in productive ways. Resentments will build placing imaginary but palpable bricks between us one by one and over time there will be an impenetrable wall.

This module gives you specific and actionable steps to begin practicing to show up authentically even when it's uncomfortable. It also helps validate what healthy boundaries look and feel like when exposed to strong emotions from ourselves and from our partners.

MODULE 5: Recognize and Rewrite Patterns That No Longer Serve You

We THINK we are dating from our most enlightened selves, but actually, we date most often from our unconscious selves. This module helps you recognize when you've fallen asleep to yourself and you're revisiting old patterns that feel familiar but are ineffective in getting you the results you want.

This module is for when you notice dating has become a drag and you feel discouraged and even hopeless about finding a quality person to date, much less your ideal partner! Learn some tricks to help you refuse to settle for old patterns but rather install a new mindset and generate new, fulfilling outcomes!

Topics we’ll cover, but not limited to:

Topics we’ll cover, but not limited to:

During a Session:

A Significant Relationship

It is an exclusive, committed, evolving, intimate, living entity co-created between two people.


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